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RIDE RUGGED, SHINE SMOOTH! Elevate your fleet's game with detailing that stands out on every terrain.

G'day and welcome to Mobile Auto Detailers, Perth's premier destination for comprehensive fleet and heavy vehicle detailing. Whether it's a semi-truck requiring thorough interior detailing or your heavy-duty vehicle in need of a meticulous exterior detailing, we've got it all covered.

Looking for mobile detailing services in Perth? Your search ends here. We specialize in mobile truck detailing, offering services like pressure washing, chassis wash, engine cleaning, and truck polishing right at your doorstep. Forget the hassle of googling "mobile truck wheel polishing near me" – we bring top-tier commercial vehicle care to you.

But our expertise doesn't stop at truck detailing. We handle everything from tractor-trailers to buses, ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance. Our services extend to paint protection, exterior cleaning, and deep interior detailing, making us Perth's comprehensive choice for all heavy vehicle care needs.

Choose us for unmatched truck washing, degreasing, and detailing services in Perth that meet and exceed your expectations. Cheers to clean, well-maintained vehicles with Mobile Auto Detailers!

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Fleet Exterior Detailing

Fleet Exterior Detailing Service in Australia provides an extensive range of services designed for the meticulous care of heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other large transports. Our key services include:

  • High-Pressure Washing: Essential for removing tough grime, dirt, and mud, particularly from driving on Western Australia's rugged roads.

  • Bug and Tar Removal: Specialized cleaning solutions to safely remove stubborn bug splatters and tar, common in long-haul journeys.

  • Chrome Polish: Polishing chrome parts to restore their shine and protect them from corrosion.

  • Red Dirt Removal: Specialised cleaning to remove tough red dirt, common in Australian outback areas.

Truck Detailing Perth KR Survey
  • Ceramic Coating: Application of ceramic coatings for long-term protection of the paintwork against UV rays, dirt, and water.

  • Rims Polish: Polishing wheels and rims to remove dirt and restore their shine.

  • Trim and Logos Detail: Detailed attention to trim and logos to enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance.

  • Cement Removal: Removing any cement deposits without damaging the vehicle's surface.

Cement Removal Cut and Polish Multiplex

  • Vinyl/Decal/Wrap Removal: Carefully removing any vinyl, decals, or wraps without harming the underlying paint.

  • Protective Sealant Application: Applying a protective sealant to guard against environmental factors like UV rays, salt, and dirt.

  • Window Cleaning and Water Repellant Treatment: Ensuring clear visibility through window cleaning and application of water repellent treatments for rainy conditions.

  • Machine Polish Exterior: Using a machine polisher to give the exterior a smooth, high-gloss finish.

Sticker Removal + Cut and Polish for John Explosives

Fleet Interior Detailing

Welcome to our Fleet Interior Detailing Service, where we specialize in providing top-tier interior maintenance for your fleet of trucks, buses, and heavy vehicles. Understanding the importance of a clean and hygienic environment for both drivers and passengers, especially in Australia's diverse conditions, our services are designed to keep your fleet's interiors in pristine condition.

  • Deep Vacuuming: Comprehensive vacuuming to eliminate all traces of dirt and debris, ensuring every corner of the interior is impeccably clean.

  • Steam Cleaning: Advanced steam cleaning methods to effectively sanitize and remove stains from upholstery and carpets.

  • Upholstery Shampoo and Cleaning: Specialized shampooing techniques to rejuvenate and cleanse all types of upholstery fabrics, eliminating odors and stains.

Truck interior Detailing New Man Low Loaders
  • Dashboard and Console Detailing: Detailed attention to dashboards and consoles, removing dust and grime to enhance the vehicle’s interior aesthetics.

  • Window and Mirror Cleaning: Ensuring clear visibility and a polished look with thorough cleaning of all interior glass and mirrors.

  • Air Vents Dusting and Cleaning: Improving air quality by dusting and cleaning air vents, essential for a dust-free and fresh interior environment.

  • Odor Elimination Treatments: Utilizing advanced treatments to not just mask, but completely eliminate unpleasant odors.

  • Sanitization and Disinfecting: Focused sanitization of the interior, particularly high-touch areas, for a hygienic and safe environment.

Truck interior Detailing Newman Low loaders
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Detailing your fleet, whether it involves trucks, buses, or any commercial vehicle, is not just about maintaining a polished appearance; it's a crucial part of fleet maintenance services that extends the life and enhances the performance of your vehicles. Regular fleet detailing, including thorough engine degreasing and chassis cleaning, ensures that your vehicles are not just clean, but also in optimal working condition. This attention to detail, right down to tar and bug removal, can significantly reduce wear and tear, preventing costly repairs down the line.

Moreover, services like pressure washing for vehicles and aluminum brightening for trucks not only contribute to a more professional image but also play a vital role in rust prevention. In a world where first impressions count, a well-maintained fleet speaks volumes about your business's values and commitment to quality. Exterior fleet wash and truck interior detailing are more than cosmetic enhancements; they are a reflection of your brand's standards. Utilizing eco-friendly vehicle cleaning methods, our fleet detailing ensures your vehicles are not only sparkling but also environmentally responsible.

Furthermore, customized detailing solutions, including vehicle paint protection and high-performance vehicle coatings, protect your fleet from harsh environmental elements, reducing the frequency of repainting and refurbishing. Regular detailing, as part of fleet washing programs, can also uncover potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the safety and reliability of your fleet. In summary, investing in fleet detailing is investing in your fleet's longevity, safety, and image, which in turn, positively impacts your bottom line.

Why Detail your Fleet

In the world of vehicle maintenance, especially for cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles, red dirt can be a particularly troublesome adversary. At our Mobile auto Detailers, we offer specialized red dirt removal services, tackling the unique challenges posed by iron oxide stains commonly found in red clay soils. These stains are not only unsightly but can also be damaging if left untreated. Our iron oxide stain removal process is designed specifically for vehicles, ensuring that your cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles remain pristine and professional in appearance.

Our services are invaluable for fleet owners who frequently traverse areas with red clay. The heavy-duty soil remover techniques we use are perfect for trucks and large vehicles, where red mud washing becomes essential after traversing rugged terrains. We employ advanced pressure washing techniques tailored for red dirt, ensuring thorough cleaning without damaging the vehicle's exterior.

Red Dirt Removal

Best Cleaning Products

At Mobile Auto Detailers, our commitment to maintaining your fleet is unparalleled, focusing on delivering top-tier cleaning and conditioning with our eco-friendly and concentrated automotive cleaners and soaps. Understanding the demands of fleet maintenance, our products are specifically formulated for the rigorous requirements of truck and heavy vehicle detailing.

For your fleet's interiors, from truck cabins to sleeper compartments, we use cleaning products that leave behind a pleasant scent, creating a fresh and user-friendly environment. These detailing chemicals are tailored for vehicle components, ensuring they work effectively and safely on the diverse interiors of your fleet vehicles.

Our cleaning solutions are meticulously PH balanced and designed to tackle the unique challenges of fleet detailing. They effectively break down grime, grease, and dirt in your trucks' interiors without leaving any residue. We prioritize the use of non-abrasive and gentle cleaning methods, ensuring that every vehicle in your fleet is treated with the utmost care, maintaining both appearance and integrity.

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